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Family Hotels in Killarney

Friendly Fellows Juniors Club
(3 Years to 12 Years)

Our Friendly Fellows Kids Club offers a specially designed entertainment programme to suit your child's age & abilities. This gives all children the opportunity to explore new games, learn different skills and lose themselves in imaginative play.

Friendly Fellows Kids Club is available free of charge to all children and is available at weekends and during all school holidays. We also have some exciting outdoor activities for families to enjoy together. Find out more about our activities for older kids and information about the teen zone at Hotel Killarney.

These are some of the popular FREE kids’ activities that take place during weekends and Bank Holiday weekends.


Enjoy 5-a-side soccer in the comfort of your transparent bubble!!!!

This activity is a cross between soccer and bumper cars. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team while trying not to get bumped and knocked over. Guaranteed laughs for both participants and spectators. (Ages 6 – 12 years / height restriction applies)


Play basketball like you’ve never played before at our inflatable bungee basketball court. See how many hoops you can score while being harnessed to our inflatable basketball.


Everyone just loves our giant bouncy castle & obstacle course. Join us in the Sports Hall.


Enjoy it when the giant inflatable animals and obstacle course take over the pool.


Enjoy a different movie every night. Snacks included.

CRAZY CUBE - soft play centre

This unique structure has something for everyone with crawl through tubes, slides, bish bash bags and ball pools. Fun Fun Fun!!! (Ages 3 to 10 years)

View a sample weekend kids’ activity programme.

View a sample Bank Holiday kids’ activity programme.